Since 2006, Kurikara Lanka foreign language school (Pvt)Ltd has been guiding Sri Lankan student’s to improve their capability of handling foreign languages in the right way. Among the other foreign language schools established in the country, Kurikara Lanka foreign language school (Pvt)Ltd is one of the most popular foreign language school among the Sri Lankan students. Additionally to that, Kurikara Lanka foreign language school is connected with well-recognized government and private universities, institutes and technical colleges in developed countries to prepare Sri Lankan students for doing their Higher studies more efficiently.
                Currently, in our institute, we are offering foreign language programs in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Italy and Hindi. All so we are conducting English language courses from spoken English to diploma and higher diploma level courses. And also we have prepared Advanced English Programs for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, A1, Cambridge English for students who wish to migrate especially European countries for their higher studies.
                We fulfilled with highly skilled and motivated panel of lecturers for conducting any of courses mentioned above. They are responsible for level up students knowledge and ability in any language course chosen by students. Because of limited intakes for all course programs, students are able to take individual attention from our lecturers. It is very comfortable in the learning environment of our air-conditioned classrooms also.


Kurikara Lanka foreign language school has owned a good reputation from people around the country because of our trusted service for students migration to developed countries. We are guiding our students to select the right education path in overseas. Our student visa program organized for giving the best service to our students islandwide. Currently, we are successfully directing our students to Japan, Russia, Italy, Australia for their higher studies.